Students and lecturers from Vilnius College of Technology and Design take part in the Erasmus+ international youth project "No to Hate"


1-10 June 2023 Students Armandas Baronas, Deividas Gilys, Nojus Balakauskas, associate professor Jelena Mamčenko and lecturer Jolanta Pileckienė from IS22D-1 group of the Information Systems Engineering study programme at Vilnius College of Technology and Design, who are participating in the Erasmus+ youth project “No to Hate”, visited the Kingdom of Norway. The aim of the project was to create awareness of the nature and impact of hate and its link to crime, to acquire skills to tackle hate in communities, to avoid stereotypes, to resist discrimination and racism, to use different media effectively, to promote intercultural communication, cooperation and service skills in a multicultural environment.

Photos by J. Pileckienė