Students from Vilnius Sausio 13-osios Pro-Gymnasium visit the Faculty of Civil Engineering!

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17 May 2024 Students from Vilnius Sausio 13-osios Pro-Gymnasium visit the College’s Faculty of Civil Engineering. Two educational lectures and workshops were organised for them – “Pasta Bridges” and “Possibilities of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and their Applications”.

The educational lecture-creative workshop “Pasta Bridges” for the seventh grade pupils of the Primary School was conducted by the lecturers of the Department of Civil Engineering of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Anna Glinskienė and Dr. Eugenijus Gudonis. The lecturers were assisted by the students of the Construction Studies programme who participated in the national championship “Pasta Bridges 2024”, which took place on 16 May 2024. The students took part in the “Mairies of the Membranes” competition at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH) on 16th of May, 2024.

College lecturers and students introduced the students to construction safety requirements, types of construction, explained the difference between a structure and a building, presented the variety of types of bridges and gave examples of bridge construction schemes.

The rules of the workshop were explained to the pupils, who then divided into teams and chose their team leaders. Teams set out to build bridges out of pasta and plasticine. Students from the Construction Studies programme shared their impressions of the national championship “Pasta Bridges 2024” and gave advice to students on what mistakes to avoid when building a pasta bridge.

When the noodle bridges were completed, they were tested. As the Bridge Trials drew to a close, the emotions of the students grew more and more tumultuous and the excitement to win grew by the second. In the end, it became clear that the team “BOBO BILDERIO KOMPANIJA” had built the strongest and most load-bearing bridge made of noodles and emerged as the winner. This is a team of 5 girls who built a pasta bridge that could withstand a load of 4 kg 200 g! Congratulations to the winners!

The results of the other teams were as follows: team “SIMAS” – 3 kg 550 g, team “KRIKŠČIONYS” – 2 kg 600 g, team “BANKAI” – 2 kg 200 g and team “SIGMA” – 1 kg 825 g.

The educational event “Possibilities and Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” was led by Natalija Augūnienė, lecturer at the Department of Civil Engineering. She introduced students to drones and their features, and organised practical activities where students learnt how to control and fly a drone – anyone who wanted to could feel like a real drone “pilot”.

The visit of the students of the Progymnasium, who will celebrate STEAM Day at their school on 17 May 2024, was organised by the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Construction of the College, Airida Tylienė.