Students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering took part in the annual competition "Lithuanian BIM Projects 2024"

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Ignas Lekeckas, Dominykas Miciuta, Ovidijus Spudulis and Norvydas Tuomėnas, full-time students of the second year of the Construction study programme, took part in the annual competition “Lithuanian BIM Projects 2024” organised by the Public Institution “Digital Construction”. The competition is aimed at evaluating and selecting the best project developed by Lithuanian companies and higher education institutions using Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies and methodologies.

Students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering have developed a project for the Sports, Wellness and Recreation Complex in Nemenčinė and submitted it for the Best Student BIM Project nomination. Virtual reality and scanning equipment was used to develop and analyse the building model.

All submitted projects were presented to the public on 16 April 2024. Vilnius City Hall. Students from the Faculty of Construction also presented their project “Lithuanian BIM Projects 2024”.

On 29 April 2024, the international conference “Digital Construction 2024. Vilnius” team members participated in the “Lithuanian BIM Projects 2024” award ceremony, where it was mentioned that the students of the Faculty of Construction of VTDK are able to create digital models of construction projects and apply BIM methodology.

The student team was led and mentored by Dr. Edita Šarkienė, Associate Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering.