Students visited UAB Grigeo Packaging, an AB Grigeo company

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In 2023 year November 8. Students of AE22D-2 group of Vilnius College of Technology and Design, Faculty of Engineering, participated in an educational trip to UAB Grigeo Packaging, a subsidiary of AB Grigeo, in Grigiskes during the lectures on electronics and automation. During the trip, the students got acquainted with modern automatic production lines, observed how an electronic fault was eliminated remotely in the presence of industrial equipment manufacturers.

Modestas Skierus, the company’s Technical Director, emphasised the need for engineers in the implementation, maintenance and modernisation of production processes. The live demonstration of robots for cutting raw materials, packaging products and other robots was an illustrative example of the application of technology in practice.

The educational trip was organised by Dr Andrius Ušinskas, Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and lecturer Laimutis Krikštaponis.

Photo by A. Ušinskas