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DF22D-1 group in Usinavicius exhibition

Second year students of Photography Technology visited Virgilijus Usinavičius-Augulis’ exhibition “Dreams” Prospectus gallery. The exhibition features real silver photography, all images shot using a monocular

Calligraphy workshop

In 2023 year 15 November SMK Higher School of Design students took part in a calligraphy class taught by lecturer Virginija Kalinauskaitė.

Photographing landscapes

Every week, DF23D-1 group students from the Photographic Technology study programme go out to photograph landscapes during their practical sessions. The activities include visits to

Eastern Design Days in Bialystok

J. Daveiko and V. Žvirblė, lecturers at the Faculty of Design, Interior Design study programme, together with six second- and third-year students travelled to Bialystok