Training seminar at the Tikkurila Academy


5 May 2023 First-year full-time students of the Construction and Building Engineering Systems study programmes participated in a training seminar on painting walls and ceilings at the UAB “Tikkurila” Academy, located at 8 Sietyno Street, Vilnius. The seminar consisted of theoretical and practical parts.

Rokas Vičkus, Head of the Tikkurila Academy, introduced the students to the most important criteria for the selection of wall and ceiling paints (degree of gloss, resistance to cleaning, durability, eco-friendliness, etc.), as well as to the rules for the preparation of walls and ceilings, priming, and painting, and to the recommendations for the selection of painting tools.

During the practical part of the training seminar, the students were shown Swedish high-quality Anza painting tools (various types of brushes, rollers, putty knives, tubs, etc.), and discussed their advantages and wide range of applications. The students not only watched but also tried out for themselves how walls should be properly painted.

During the training seminar, students who answered the questions correctly were awarded prizes – Anza tools.

The trip to the UAB ,,Tikkurila” Academy training seminar was organised by Dr. Marija Vaičienė, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering.