Transport logistics: an educational trip to AB Grigeo


On 28 April 2023, an educational trip to AB Grigeo (Vilniaus str. 10, Grigiškės, Vilnius) was organised for second-year full-time students of the Transport Logistics study programme.

The aim of the educational trip: to acquaint students with the main processes, tools and equipment used in the warehouse of the Corrugated Board Department of AB “Grigeo”, to give students the opportunity to see how paper and other products are produced, stored and transported.

During the trip, the students visited the AB Grigeo hygienic paper production plant, which has the most modern paper making machine in the Baltic States. Students were able to see the paper supply chain in a company – from the arrival of pulp to the production, storage, packaging and dispatch of paper. In the company’s warehouse, students were introduced to autonomous handling equipment and its working principle. The warehouse manager also gave examples of how circular economy principles and the Lean system are applied in the company’s operations.

The students will apply the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during the educational trip to the independent and practical assignments of the study subjects “Warehouses and Terminals”, “Management of Warehouse Processes”, “Organisation and Management of Freight Transport”.

The educational trip was organised by Indrė Sprogytė-Bredelienė, lecturer at the Department of Business and Public Management.