Transport logistics: an educational trip to UAB "Delamode Baltics"

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Transport logistics: an educational trip to UAB “Delamode Baltics”

27 September 2023 An educational trip to the office of UAB “Delamode Baltics” (Naugarduko str. 98, Vilnius) and the company’s terminal (Transporto str. 16, Moluvėnai village, Lentvaris) was organised for the second-year full-time students of the Transport Logistics study programme.

The aim of this educational trip is to get acquainted with a company providing logistics services, the main tools and equipment used in the company, to observe in a real-life environment the work carried out and the transport and storage processes, and to get acquainted with the future professional activity.

During the trip, students of the Transport Logistics study programme TL22D-1 and TL22D-2 visited the new office of UAB Delamode Baltics, where Adelė Ramelytė, the Head of HR and Administration, provided them with knowledge about the dynamic activities of the company, highlighted the various internship opportunities, and shared the success stories of the former interns. Forwarder Tomas Daujotas, responsible for operations in the Turkish market, introduced the students to the specifics of his work and discussed the problems encountered.

The students then travelled to the company’s spectacular new terminal, which will be opened in the summer of 2020. There, Eglė Velavičiūtė, Head of Customs and Warehousing, told the students about the specifics of the processes and equipment used in the terminal, and introduced them to the subtleties of customs procedures. The Head of Customs and Warehousing also discussed ways and means to robotize the warehouse and terminal operations. The students were able to see the loading and unloading processes and the transport inside the terminal in practice.

The students will apply the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during the educational trip to the independent and practical assignments of the study subjects “Warehouses and Terminals”, “Regulation of Transport and Customs Activities”, “Business Project Management”, and to the preparation of their final papers.

The educational trip was organised by lecturers Aurelijus Vaškys, Indrė Sprogytė-Bredelienė and Jurgita Ginavičienė and was attended by the students at UAB “Delamode Baltics”.