Transport logistics: an educational trip to UAB "R and R Technology"

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On 28 February 2023, an educational trip to UAB “R and R Technology” (J. Jasinskio str. 16 g., Vilnius) was organised for the 3rd year full-time students of the study programme “Transport Logistics”.

The aim of the educational trip is to introduce students to autonomous robots used in the warehouse and the organisation of their working process.

During the educational trip, the students were introduced to the autonomous goods assembly robot, the Fobo robot, the autonomous RFID label scanning robot and the virtual conveyor, and were familiarised with their operating principles and the organisation of the work process. The students were able to see how the autonomous robots work in practice. The company representatives also discussed the challenges of implementing robotic solutions in logistics.

Students will be able to apply the acquired theoretical and practical knowledge by completing independent and practical assignments in the study subjects “Logistics Process Management”, “Warehouse Process Management”, “Organisation and Management of Freight Transport”.

The educational trip was organised by the Head of the Department of Business and Public Management, lecturer Jurgita Ginavičienė and lecturer Indrė Sprogytė-Bredelienė.

Transporto logistika: edukacinė išvyka į UAB „R and R Technology“
Transporto logistika: edukacinė išvyka į UAB „R and R Technology“

Photos by A. Tylienė, M. Vaičienė