Transport logistics: an educational trip to UAB Venipak's Lentvaris terminal

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Transport logistics: an educational trip to the Lentvaris terminal of Venipak

In 2023, on 9 November, full-time students of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of the Transport Logistics and Business and Customs Studies programmes visited the Lentvaris terminal of Venipak, a company that has been successfully operating on the market for two decades. Venipak UAB is a parcel shipping company that knows what it takes to organise the work process perfectly and complete it successfully.

The main objectives of this educational trip are to introduce students to their future careers and to observe in a real-life environment the work and processes of a logistics services company.

During the educational tour, the company representatives presented the processes carried out at the terminal, described each process and its activities, and talked about the equipment needed for this. The company said that it strives to provide an ideal customer service and delivers consignments to consignees in the Baltic States within 1-2 working days.

Students had the opportunity to observe the picking, sorting and distribution processes, and to see the finished products ready to be shipped out. Venipak employees demonstrated and explained the principles of the warehouse management software and stated that the warehouse software helps to plan and organise all work processes efficiently. Thanks to advanced technologies, it is possible to control the flow of shipments along the entire supply chain, both at the terminal and during delivery to the final customer.

At the end of the educational trip, students took part in a competition. The students who answered the questions the best were awarded. After the field trip, the students said that after seeing how much and what kind of processes are going on in the company, they now understand why UAB Venipak is offering so many job opportunities.

The students will apply the knowledge acquired during this educational trip to practical and independent work in the study subjects “Fundamentals of Business”, “Transport Management and Business Organisation”, “Freight and Passenger Transport”, “Warehouses and Terms”, “Organisation and Management of Freight Transport”, as well as in the preparation of the final theses and in the carrying out of research work.

The educational trip was organised by Jurgita Ginavičienė, Head of the Department of Business and Public Management, and Indrė Sprogytė-Bredelienė, lecturer, together with Aušrine Sande, Head of Human Resources of UAB “Venipak”.