Transport logistics, Business and customs: educational trip to Klaipeda port companies

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Transport logistics, Business and customs: educational trip to Klaipeda port companies

In 2023 year October 25 d. Transport Logistics and Business and Customs Activities study programmes I, II and III year full-time students (TL23D-1, VM23D-1, TL22D-1, TL22D-2, TL21D-1 groups), together with the lecturers of the Department of Business and Public Management – Danute Puodžiukienė, Jūrate Romeikiene, Aušra Špuraitė, Aurelijis Vaškis – took an educational trip to Klaipėda Port companies AB “Klaipėdos Smeltė” and UAB “Nordnix”.

During this educational trip, students and teachers had the opportunity to get acquainted with the history and activities of the Klaipėda port cargo handling company AB “Klaipėdos Smeltė”. Audrius Sutkus, the marketing manager of the company, told about the world’s shipping companies and their shipping lines, the ships arriving at the Klaipėda port, the types of cargoes, and introduced the company’s integrated management system policy, security requirements and the requirements for safe work in the port area.

Led by the company’s responsible staff, the participants were able to observe the processes in the port area, the full and empty containers, heavy and oversized cargo, military equipment storage areas, the container inspection and repair depot, the working principles of the port’s mobile cranes and container handlers, and the services provided to shipping lines. The participants of the excursion were able to try to load a container on board on their own using a simulator in the company’s training classroom under the guidance of a certified instructor.

In the second object of the educational excursion – UAB “Nordnix” – Tomas Kungys, CEO of this company, gave a detailed information about the company’s cold and dry warehousing services, logistics and cargo transhipment services, mechanised and manual handling of all means of transport, such as ships, train carriages, containers, and road transport.

The participants visited the modern 5-storey “Uostas” cold storage warehouse, located in a very convenient location in the Port of Klaipėda, close to the MSC container terminal. Accompanied by responsible warehouse staff, the lecturers and students had the opportunity to observe the unloading and loading processes, to get acquainted with the range of products stored, and to visit the warehouse, which maintains a temperature of -25℃. The head of the company revealed the current problems of the Port of Klaipėda, shared his experience on the ways of solving the difficulties faced by UAB Nordnix, answered the questions posed by students and lecturers, highlighted the main competences required to work in the company.

The students will apply the knowledge acquired during the educational trip in practical and independent work in the study subjects “Transport Management and Business Organisation”, “Transport Vehicles”, “Freight and Passenger Transport”, “Quality Management in Transport”, “Warehouses and Terms”, “Logistics Process Management”, “Organisation and Management of Freight Transport”, “Management of Warehouse Processes”. The knowledge acquired will be applied in the preparation of final theses and research.

The educational trip was organised by the Head of the Department of Business and Public Management Jurgita Ginavičienė and lecturer Danutė Puodžiukienė.