Transport logistics: educational trip to UAB Baltic Auto Parts

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20 March 2024 An educational trip to the warehouse of UAB Baltic Auto Parts (Mozūriškių g. 21, Vilnius) was organised for the 2nd year part-time students of the Transport Logistics study programme.

The aim of this educational trip is to give students the opportunity to try out the technologies used in the warehouse, to get acquainted with the handling equipment, the racking and the warehousing processes.

During the educational trip, the company’s employees gave the students a detailed explanation of how the processes in the warehouse are planned, organised, executed and controlled, what information systems are used and what challenges they have to face. The students were also shown the racking and handling equipment used in the company’s warehouse. The students were able to enter goods into the system and see the handling operations themselves.

Students will be able to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during the educational trip to the independent and practical assignments in the study subject “Warehouses and Terminals”.

The educational trip was organised by Indrė Sprogytė-Bredelienė, lecturer at the Department of Business and Public Management, and Jurgita Ginavičienė, Head of the Department of Business and Public Management.