Transport logistics: guest lecture by Clevtrans UAB

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25 April 2023 A lecture on “The importance of logistics for the product price” by Darius Brekis, Head of Operations in Lithuania of UAB Clevtrans, was organised for the first year full-time students of the Transport Logistics study programme and the lecturers of the Department of Business and Public Management.

Aim of the lecture: to introduce students to the logistics of transporting a specific product from the raw material to the finished product to the consumer.

The lecture gave students and lecturers an overview of wood pellet production and logistics. Darius Brekys, Head of Operations in Lithuania at Clevtrans UAB, introduced the peculiarities of wood pellet production, the raw material used in the production process, explained the means of transport used to transport the raw material and the selection of these means of transport, and explained the logistics costs required to deliver the raw material, using a specific plant as an example.

Analysing the logistics of the products produced, Darius Brekys outlined the modes and means of transport used, how they are chosen to deliver the products to individual household consumers and to large volume purchasers, as well as to power plants, and the packaging used for the delivery of the products. The guest explained in detail all the logistical costs involved in transporting the products in Lithuania, storage at the port, transport by sea and preparation of documents.

Photos by J. Romeikienė

Darius Brekys repeatedly emphasised the importance of successful logistics work for the company’s operations.Students of the Transport Logistics study programme will be able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the lecture during the lectures, as well as to carry out their independent and practical work.

The lecture of the invited guest from UAB Clevtrans was organised by Jurgita Ginavičienė, Head of the Department of Business and Public Management, and lecturer Jūratė Romeikienė.

Photos by J. Romeikienė