Transport logistics: guest speaker presents options for students to manage efficient logistics processes

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13 December 2022 The Faculty of Civil Engineering hosted a representative of TRANS.EU UAB – a public lecture “TRANS.EU UAB opportunities for efficient logistics process management” was given to the 3rd year full-time students of the study programme “Transport Logistics”.

Photo by I.Sprogytė-Bredelienė

During the lecture, the students were introduced to the types of freight exchanges and the possibilities of applying other tools in the activities of carriers, freight forwarders, shippers, and the costs and time needed to implement these tools were discussed. During the lecture, the students were also introduced to the structure and the principle of operation of TRANS.EU freight exchanges. Insights and forecasts in the field of logistics were also presented, based on market developments affecting today’s performance of the entire supply chain. Students will apply the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in the practical and independent assignments in the study subjects “Organisation and Management of Freight Transport” and “Warehouse Process Management”.

The guest lecture was organised by Indrė Sprogytė-Bredelienė, Lecturer at the Department of Business and Public Management.