Tuition fee reimbursement for students who have completed military service

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Calling students who have completed their military service by 3 February 2023 are welcome. contact (8 5) 261 0353 or for reimbursement of tuition fees.

The tuition fees are reimbursed for people who meet all the following conditions:

  1. are studying for the first time at a higher education institution as part of an undergraduate, postgraduate or post-secondary programme, or have completed their studies;
  2. completed compulsory initial military service (9 months) or basic military training (70-90 days) (hereafter referred to as “military service”) before or during their studies at your higher education institution;
  3. started their studies no more than three years after completing their military service;
  4. military service after 1 September 2011 until 21 April 2015;
  5. studied for all or part of the study period (semester) at a place not funded by the state;
  6. have no academic debts.

In 2023, compensation is available for persons who graduated between 16 October 2021 and 15 October 2022:

  1. the first two years of undergraduate studies (the first half of the study programme in the case of part-time studies);
  2. the period of study from the third year of studies until the end of the first cycle of studies (for part-time students, the second half of the study programme).

A person who has completed military service may be reimbursed only part of the cost of one course of study.