Visit of Faculty of Civil Engineering lecturers to the University of Córdoba

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On 14-16 May 2024, the lecturers of the Department of Civil Engineering, associate professor Andrius Gulbinas, associate professor Marija Vaičienė and the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, lecturer Airida Tylienė, were on a visit to the University of Córdoba, Spain.

In addition to the Erasmus+ exchange programme, this university is also a partner in the College’s international projects. Together, projects such as the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project “Virtual and Intensive Course for Practical Skills of Future Engineers” (VIPSKILLS) No.2016-1-PL01-KA203-026152 and the project “Advanced Digital Design Course for Modern Buildings, Developing the Skills of Young Engineers” (ADD_ON_SKILLS) No. 2020-1-PL01-KA226-HE-095244 have been implemented.

The visit to the University of Córdoba was aimed at developing different strands of internationalisation of studies. Discussions were held with Juan Manuel Castro Jurado, Head of the University’s International Department, and the department’s staff, as well as with Antonio Rodero Serano, Coordinator of International Relations of the University’s Belmez Polytechnic School, on the possibilities of the Erasmus+ exchange programme, the promotion of mobility of lecturers and students (especially in engineering programmes), and the increase of the volume of exchange and the internationalisation of all studies in the two institutions. The need to develop and expand joint project activities and international projects was also addressed, as well as the possibilities for their development and implementation, and good practices in the Erasmus+ CIP were shared. The results of the BIP project “Design of sports, wellness and recreation complex” implemented by the Faculty of Civil Engineering of VTDK, as well as the international interdisciplinary workshop organised by the Faculty of Civil Engineering, which has already become a tradition, were presented in detail to the students of the Belmez Polytechnic School of the University, studying in engineering study programmes.

During the visit to the University of Córdoba, the lecturers of the Department of Civil Engineering also met with the University’s scientists, lecturers and researchers, and presented the programme for attracting researchers and the opportunities for scientists and researchers from the University of Córdoba to present the results of their researches and the themes they are working on to the students and lecturers of the Faculty of Construction of the University. These meetings also included discussions on how to involve students and different communities in research activities, the sharing of good practices, tours of teaching venues and research facilities at university faculties in Córdoba, etc.