Visit to Mainz University of Applied Sciences

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Visit to Mainz University of Applied Sciences

In 2023 year November 14-16. Dr. Airida Tylienė, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, and Dr. Marija Vaičienė, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, visited the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz, Germany.

The visit included a visit to the School of Civil Engineering of Mainz University of Applied Sciences and the newly established campus, which currently houses the Business School, the administration of all faculties and the University, the staff of the departments responsible for the University’s various activities, and a kindergarten for the children of the University’s staff and students. New study buildings and dormitories are being built on the campus, and from 2025 all faculties will be operational and all the university’s laboratories and study and practical training spaces will be relocated. Translated with (free version)

The visit to Mainz University of Applied Sciences was aimed at establishing close links with the university as a new partner, discussing concrete measures and opportunities for joint activities, and exploring the peculiarities and nuances of delivering degree programmes in English, to strengthen and develop the internationalisation of study programmes by discussing opportunities for faculty and student exchanges, the development of joint project activities, the organisation of joint international interdisciplinary projects (workshops), workshops and other joint scientific and research activities, lectures, etc.

Meetings were organised at Mainz University of Applied Sciences with the staff of the Schools of Civil Engineering, Design and Business and the Department of International Relations, members of the FIA Committee for Internationalisation of Studies, researchers and students, and with the President of Mainz University of Applied Sciences, Professor Dr. The participants had the opportunity to participate in meetings with the President of Mainz University of Applied Sciences and Technology, Prof. Susanne Weissman, the Dean of the School of Civil Engineering, Prof. Dr. Karl-Albrecht Klinge, and the Dean of the School, Prof. Dr. Alphonse Buchmann, and with the Lecturer and member of the International Programme in Civil Engineering, Prof. Arda Öcal, among others. Visits were also made to the University’s study spaces, student commons and practical training areas, and laboratories.

During the meetings with the university staff, the College and its study programmes were presented, and good practices were shared in organising international interdisciplinary workshops and Science Workshops, as well as in implementing international projects. The opportunities for lecturers from the Mainz University of Applied Sciences to lecture to the students of the College’s Faculty of Civil Engineering, to take part in the Researcher Attraction Programme, to carry out joint research and to publish their results in the College’s journal were also discussed with the researchers and staff of the School of Civil Engineering. The possibilities of Erasmus+ exchange programme for lecturers and students were also discussed, as well as the peculiarities of conducting study programmes in English – the organisation of the study process, the qualifications of lecturers, the preparation of students for studies, etc. Marija Vaičienė also gave lectures on “Sustainability of cement, concrete and cement replacement materials in construction materials”, “The impact of nano SiO2 on cement hydration and physical-mechanical properties” and “The impact of bitumen roofing production waste on concrete properties”.