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Advanced drawing courses

The VTDK Advanced Drawing Course is designed for people who already have experience in basic academic drawing and want to improve their skills in drawing the human figure and portraiture.

Drawing course programme

  1. Constructive drawing of the skull.
  2. Constructive drawing of individual parts of the face.
  3. Drawing and constructing an ancient head.
  4. Drawing a portrait.
  5. Drawing the skeleton, basic anatomy.
  6. Drawing individual body parts.
  7. Drawing the human figure.
Group: a group of at least 5 people.
Start: New groups are being recruited from 30 April 2024.
Duration: 4 sessions of 4 academic hours once a week (16 academic hours in total)
Time: 1 day a week, Tuesdays from 17.30
Location: Olandų st. 16., 121 aud.
Price per person: 100 Eur
Lecturer: Inga Dargužytė
Materials: Pencils (various softness: HB-6B), charcoal, crayons, eraser, pins or adhesive tape (to secure the paper), paper (can be sketch paper)

Contact details:

Kristina Višnevskienė tel. 8 674 04941 Email