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Mechanical Engineering

Drafting courses

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Vilnius College of Technologies and Design offers courses in drafting for those who work in the engineering industry and those who have never drafted.

Duration of the programme 60 ac. hours
Initial competences required Secondary education, basic computer skills
Programme content
  • Sketching.
  • Projections, sections and cuts.
  • Thread representation and marking.
  • Marking dimensions on drawings.
  • Special markings on drawings.
  • Designation of structural materials and coatings.
  • Reading detailed working drawings.
  • Drawing detailed working drawings.
Graduation document Certificate upon completion
Location Vilnius College of Technology and Design, Olandų str. 16, Vilnius.
Time New groups are elected from 13 May 2024. Courses will be held according to a timetable agreed with the listener.
Price 800 EUR. Courses start with a group of at least 3 people.
Contact details (name, surname, email, phone number) Kristina Višnevskienė tel. 8 674 04941,
Email: k.visnevskiene@vtdko.lt
Registration is open here: https://events.vtdko.lt/kursai