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Automotive transport engineering

Periodic refresher courses for driving teachers and driving instructors

We invite driver trainers and/or driving instructors to improve their professional competences, update and supplement their knowledge and skills.

Duration of the programme 30 ac. hours.
Programme content
  • Alternative fuels. Features of electronic control of diesel engines. OBD diagnostics.
  • Active and passive safety systems in cars.
  • Driving culture, respect for other road users and responsibility for them and yourself.
  • Exhaust gas composition and environmental and human health impacts of internal combustion engines.
  • Car air conditioning system operation, materials used and their environmental impact.
Programme Completion Document Participants will be provided with a timetable and a thematic plan before the start of the course. Participants will be issued with a refresher certificate indicating the topics covered and the number of hours.
Location Vilnius College of Technology and Design, Olandų str. 16, Vilnius.
The course is delivered remotely on the Micrososft Teams platform.
Time A new group is formed from 21 October 2024.
Price 120 EUR The course starts with a group of 10 people.
Contact details (name, surname, email, phone number) Kristina Višnevskienė tel. 8 674 04941,
Registration is open here: