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Railway transport engineering

Train driver courses

The training shall be carried out in accordance with the informal vocational training programme approved by the Order of the Director of the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration No. 2BE-51 “On the Approval of Non-Formal Training Programmes for Train Drivers” of 17 February 2021.

Duration of the programme 360 ac. hours
Initial competences required Persons holding a certificate as a worker whose work is related to rail transport and a general secondary education qualification of at least 20 years.
Programme content
  • Legal framework for rail transport activities.
  • Ways to manage rail transport risks.
  • Operation and maintenance of rolling stock. Automatic brakes.
  • TNN and rules.
  • Railway installation and rolling stock.
  • Mechanical equipment for traction rolling stock.
  • Rules and professional requirements for train drivers and crew members.
  • Electrical installations on traction rolling stock.
  • Classification of railway accidents and methods of investigation.
Programme Completion Document At the end of the training, theoretical and practical knowledge is tested using a rolling stock control simulator. A certificate of completion of the training programme is issued.
Location Vilnius College of Technologies and Design, Islandijos str. 3, Vilnius.
Time A new group will be elected from 25 September 2023.
Price EUR 1000 per participant. Courses start with a group of at least 10 people.
Contact details (name, surname, email, phone number) Laimutė Sladkevičienė tel. 8 652 62705, Email
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