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Train Driver Simulation Training Course (Polish railway infrastructure)

The Train Driver Training Centre of Vilnius College of Technologies and Design and the Train Driver Training and Examination Centre of Witelolon College (Poland) provide simulation training in Polish for train drivers for the operation of traction rolling stock on the Polish railways. The programme has been prepared in accordance with the legal documents of the Republic of Poland. The training is conducted by an instructor from the Polish Railway Infrastructure and a lecturer from the College.

Duration of the programme The simulation training programme is tailored to each individual.
4.5 ac. hours per person
Initial competences required Lithuanian train drivers who speak Polish and operate locomotives on railway infrastructure in the Republic of Poland.
Programme content
  • Track and train preparation.
  • Vehicle manoeuvring.
  • Test drive in standard, non-standard situations.
  • Resolving faults or situations Urgent.
  • Arrival of the train at the destination station. Analysis of errors made during the journey.
Graduation document After the completion of the training, certificates are issued by the training institutions entitling to operate locomotives on the Polish railway infrastructure.
Location Vilnius College of Technologies and Design, Islandijos str. 3, Vilnius.
Time New groups will be recruited from 16 October 2023.
Courses are organised at times to suit the needs of companies or individuals.
Price 300 EUR per participant Courses start with a group of at least 3 people.
Contact details (name, surname, email, phone number) Laimutė Sladkevičienė tel. 8 652 62705,
Registration is open here: