Workshop "Be a civil engineer" for Vilnius Antakalnis Gymnasium students

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On 9 June 2023, the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the College hosted the students of Vilnius Antakalnis Gymnasium, Class Ia, together with Gintaras Kolesnikova, Career Development Specialist. A workshop “Be a civil engineer” was organised for the students.

During the workshop, students learnt about drone features, settings, safe piloting rules, drone functions and categories. Under the supervision of the lecturer Natalia Augūnienė, students carried out test flights of drones.

Dr Paulius Gaučas, a lecturer at the Department of Civil Engineering, introduced students to the importance of building airtightness in order to save heat. The students learnt what thermal imaging is used for and when thermal analysis is carried out. By looking at the pictures on the screen, the pupils could see the heat-permeable parts of the building, identify the problem areas, assess the importance of the problem by taking temperature measurements and decide what preventive measures should be taken to remedy the situation.

Associate Professor Dr Marija Vaičienė introduced students to the equipment used to determine the properties of building materials in the Materials Science and Standardisation Laboratory. The students observed how a hydraulic press is used to determine the breaking load of cement prisms to calculate bending and compressive strength. They also used an optical microscope to study the structure of aggregates, waste and other materials.