Workshops "Be a transport manager for a day" and "Interesting maths in logistics" for school children

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Workshops “Be a transport manager for a day” and “Interesting maths in logistics” for school children

In 2023, on 17 November, the Faculty of Civil Engineering was visited by the 7th grade students of Vilnius Jono Basanavičius Pro-Gymnasium. Workshops “Be a transport manager for a day” and “Interesting mathematics in logistics” were organised for them.

The first workshop gave students the opportunity to learn about the profession of transport manager and the tools used in the job. After drawing lots, the students were divided into 4 teams. Each team was given a specific route and had to carry out all the organisational work of a transport manager using routing software. In organising the specific routes, the teams had to solve problems and propose solutions.

Later, students took part in the workshop “Interesting Mathematics in Logistics”, where they calculated the route indicators needed to transport cargo and passengers. The workshop participants chose the optimal option after receiving the result.

The students were interested and actively discussed the possibility of choosing a career as a transport manager, as well as salaries and career opportunities.

The workshop was organised by Indrė Sprogytė-Bredelienė, lecturer at the Department of Business and Public Management.