Mustafa Efe Keskin from Afyon Kocatepe University/ Turkey


Sveiki visi, Hello everyone, Herkese merhabalar. I am Mustafa Efe KESKIN, a Civil Engineering student from Afyon Kocatepe University in Turkey. I studied at VTDK in the 2021/2022 academic year.

First of all, I want to talk about Lithuania. Before my Lithuania experience, I didn’t know anything about this pretty country. I only knew where Lithuania is and where is Lithuania’s capital city. But after my first month in Vilnius, I explored lots of natural wonders. There are so many beautiful parks and monuments to visit. If you are open to new tastes, you should try traditional Lithuanian foods. In this period, I tried šakotis, šaltibarščiai, cepelinai and grybų sriuba. Lithuanian people are talking the oldest living language in the world. So, maybe you want to learn this language if you are interested in languages. I tried, and I managed a bit 😊

In Turkey, our universities teach only theoretical knowledge. We rarely do laboratory works in our universities. But in VTDK, the students study with more practical work. This college gave me a chance for using my theoretical knowledge in practical works. This is my favourite part of studying at VTDK. All of the lecturers at VTDK are friendly and the students can reach them without any difficulty.

Regarding the events, I could see the whole holidays and I can say honestly that you should come to Lithuania for the autumn semester. Thus, you can participate in more events. Organized by the College, I joined picnics, Christmas tree decoration event, tree planting event and all of them was fun.

One more amazing thing that I experienced during my Erasmus period at VTDK was my travels. I had the opportunity to visit many Lithuanian cities and even 11 European countries. The fact that Erasmus students have a lot of free time left over from the classes gave me a great chance to improve myself in learning languages (I learned Lithuanian and Russian) and to discover new countries.

Thank you VTDK and Lithuania for these good experiences!