Ulaş Gürel from Atatürk University/ Turkey


Hello everyone, I’m Ulaş GÜREL.

I am a student of Atatürk University, Electrical and Electronics Engineering study program. I participated in Erasmus+ mobility at Vilnius College of Technologies and Design (VTDK) in the fall academic term of 2022-2023.

First of all, I am very happy to come to Lithuania. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and has a unique atmosphere. The natural environments are beautiful. If you have a sunny day, you can take a walk to the lake or have a pleasant time by the river. By the way, it is possible to see other cities of Lithuania by train.

If I need to talk about the school, I studied at the Technical Faculty of VTDK. I can say that I had a very good time at school. I couldn’t understand how the time passed in all my classes. I had the opportunity to see pieces and experimental sets that I had not encountered before at school. We have carried out many projects and laboratory experiments with these experimental sets. I learned a lot with the courses I took on Electronics, Automotive, Robotics, Engine and Industrial systems. Our teachers were very kind people. I love to ask and learn anything I don’t understand. My teachers always gave detailed answers to every question I asked. I am very lucky to know them.

Traveling was also very nice. I had the chance to go to different countries on the occasion of Erasmus+. You can travel to other countries very easily by plane or bus. In my travels, I made new friends, saw new places and tasted new flavors. During my travels abroad, I went to many museums and saw many historical artifacts.

Besides, I attended fairs about my profession. I talked to many new investors and customers at these fairs. I got information about the workplaces at the stands. I have many contacts now.

In short, I am very happy to be in VTDK, to be in Lithuania and to participate in Erasmus+ mobility. I would also like to thank our Erasmus consultant Ms. Milda and her teammates who are with us in every problem. I had a great 4 months. I gained great experiences and friendships.

Thank you for everything.