Timetables for full-time studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering


Timetables of lectures

1st course

IP23D-1- SP23D-1 – SS23D-1 – TL23D-1 – VM23D-1 (SP23D-1gr. – as of 9.10.2023, updated 4.10.2023)

IP23D-1 – study programme “Intelligent Building Engineering”; SP23D-1 – study programme “Construction”
SS23D-1 – study programme “Structural Engineering Systems”
TL23D-1 – study programme “Transport Logistics”
VM23D-1 – study programme “Business and Customs”
2nd course

SP22D-1 – SP22D-2 – SS22D-1– TL22D-1 – TL22D-2

III kursas SG21D-1- SP21D-1 – SS21D-1 – TL21D-1 (updated 25/09/2023) SG21D-1, SP21D-1 and SS21D-1 lectures from 02/10/2023, TL21D-1 from 16/10/2023)

Examination timetables

Course I IP23D-1 – SP23D-1- SS23D-1 – TL23D-1 – VM23D-1
Course IISP22D-1 – SP22D-2- SS22D-1 – TL22D-1 – TL22D-2
CourseIII SG21D-1 – SP21D-1– SS21D-1 – TL21D-1
  • Timetable for the final thesis:
    • For students of the study programme “Geodesy and Cadastre”
    • For students studying “Construction” and “Building Engineering Systems”
    • For students of the Transport Logistics programme
  • Dates for submission of final theses
  • Timetable for the defence of final theses at the Qualifications Board