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Railway transport engineering

Training for drivers of automatic cranes, derricks and derrick cranes

The Department of Railway Transport Engineering of Vilnius College of Technology and Design conducts refresher courses for persons holding certification certificates for drivers of automatic cranes, derricks and derrick lifting cranes.

Duration of the programme 32 ac. hours
Initial competences required Physical persons holding a certificate of certification as a driver of automatic cranes, derricks and derrick hoists.
Programme content
  • Types of derrick cranes (hydraulic, cantilever).
  • Broaching of flax. Hydraulic cylinder design.
  • Crane operating modes.
  • Technical inspections of lifting cranes (DTP, ATP).
  • Signalling devices.
  • Maintenance technology for truck-mounted cranes (hydraulic, cantilever).
  • Analysis of accidents and incidents.
  • Types of hooks, drums, digging buckets (grabs), grabs, requirements.
  • Safety devices for mobile cranes.
  • Dressage h/manipulator systems, principles of operation, operating fluids used, their properties.
Graduation document A certificate of attestation is issued after passing the examination.
Location Vilnius College of Technologies and Design, Olandų str. 16, Vilnius.
Time A new group will be elected from 8 May 2023.
Price EUR 200 per person. Courses start with a group of at least 5 people.
Contact details (name, surname, email, phone number) Laimutė Sladkevičienė tel. 8 65262705,
Registration is available here: