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Interior and environmental design fundamentals course

Course programme:

  1. Interior design – shaping space. Overview of interior styles.
  2. Functional zones for living areas. Features of kitchen planning. Bathroom.
  3. Residential lighting design.
  4. Interior decoration materials. Decorative objects in interiors. Decorating tools.
  5. Colour theory. Colour matching. Colour in interiors.
  6. The basics of environmental design: scenarios, zoning, composition.
  7. Outdoor lighting basics: exterior and ambient lighting design.
  8. Skills are consolidated through practical work.
Group: consists of at least 5 people.
Start: New groups are being recruited from 2024. rugsėjo 30 d.
Duration: 10 weeks of 3 academic hours each (total 30 academic hours)
Time: 1 time a week from 18:00 on Mondays
Location: Room 323, Olandų str. 16.
Price per person: 300 Eur.
Lecturer: Asta Kazlauskienė, Vilija Malevičienė, Jonas Malinauskas, Rasa Mazūrienė

Contact details:

Kristina Višnevskienė tel. 8 674 04941 Email