A representative of the College participates in the Education and Training Technology Exhibition "BETT" in London


A representative of the College participates in the Education and Training Technology Exhibition “BETT” in London

24-26 January 2024 Aurelijus Vaškys, a lecturer at VTDK, took part in the annual British Education and Training Technology (BETT) exhibition in London.

“BETT is one of the world’s largest events dedicated to educational technologies, innovations and interactive teaching methods, bringing together education professionals, developers and experts in the field of education, teaching and learning, and artificial intelligence.

At the exhibition in London, Aurelijus Vaškys, a lecturer of our college, had the opportunity to learn from the world’s most famous educational innovators and to try out innovative educational tools in practice. “At the BETT exhibition, the lecturer also got acquainted with teaching and learning platforms, tried out new programmes and tools that could be introduced into the educational process.

The exhibition shared best practices with education representatives from different countries and developers of digital learning tools. Aurelijus Vaškys took part in a roundtable discussion on “Empowering Artificial Intelligence in Student Achievement Assessment”. Sharing ideas and best practices with colleagues from different countries, the lecturer learned about the challenges and possible solutions in the education sector.

The exhibition’s events are particularly focused on active learning methodologies, which aim to empower students to take responsibility for their own learning process, develop critical thinking, creativity and social skills.

According to Aurelijus Vaškis, digital transformation of education and hybrid learning is undoubtedly the future of education, so it was interesting to see how developers are integrating artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other advanced technologies into the learning environment in order to improve the quality of studies and increase students’ motivation to learn. The lecturer has no doubt that he will have useful insights and ideas to apply in his work after participating in the events of this exhibition.

The exhibition was part of the National Education Agency’s project No ŠMSM-V-004-0001 “Digital Transformation of Education (“Edtech”).