Business and customs activities

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Business and customs activities

Field of study: Business

Country code:6531LX128

Study forms and duration: full-time – 3 years, part-time – 4 years

I will learn:

  • represent businesses when completing customs declarations or other customs formalities;
  • practical skills needed for a career in the Customs system;
  • analyse and evaluate the international business environment;
  • organise the freight transport process;
  • assess, plan and organise logistics activities in a modern business environment;
  • apply the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union governing transport and customs activities.

I will work in:

  • as a manager in transport, logistics, freight forwarding and other businesses;
  • as a customs broker’s representative in transport or customs brokerage firms;
  • setting up and developing your own transport or customs brokerage business;
  • career civil servant in the customs system of the Republic of Lithuania.