Publication fees


Publication fees

The publication fee is 20 euros per article, regardless of the number of authors. This fee covers part of publishing costs. You can pay the fee for article publication by transferring it to the bank account VTDK Swedbank.

VTDK payment details
Vilnius College of Technologies and Design;
a/s LT497300010084403918;
AB Swedbank, bank code 73000;
Company: 111967673;
Not a VAT payer.

To receive a VAT invoice, it is necessary to indicate the exact name of the organization, address, company code, VAT payer code and submit it to the VTDK (Vilnius College of Technologies and Design) accounting department.

Article fee is paid only upon receipt of the Editorial Board of the journal “Technology and Art. Research and Topicalities” on the suitability of the article for publication. The fee must be paid within 10 days of receiving the notice from the Editorial Board.