Transport logistics: public lecture "Efficient project management using Teamhood"

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Transport logistics: public lecture “Efficient project management using Teamhood”

In 2023 year October 23 d. The public lecture “Effective project management using Teamhood” was given by Deimantė Čekanauskaitė, Teamhood manager and representative of UAB Eylean, to the students of the Transport Logistics study programme TL21D group.

The aim of the lecture was to introduce students to the possibilities of using the Teamhood programme in the preparation of business projects and to enhance students’ theoretical knowledge about the preparation and organisation of business projects using the Teamhood programme.

During the lecture, the students were introduced to the project programme and completed practical exercises to deepen their theoretical knowledge. They formed productive teams, visualised the process, divided the necessary work, assigned responsible persons, tracked daily tasks and collaborated and generated reports. Students used a Gantt chart view to plan, establish Kanban task dependencies, collaborate, share files and track time.

Students will apply the knowledge acquired in this lecture to practical and independent work in the study subject “Business Project Management”. The knowledge acquired will also be very useful for students in the preparation of their final theses and research.

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