Awards received

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Awards received

2013-2014 study year

  • Austėja Jakštaitė, DF13D, winner of the competition “Photography in Nida”.
  • Lukas Jonaitis, DF11D, winner of the competition “Amber Snake 2013” in the nomination “Nature Art”.
  • Vytautė Milinskaitė and Indrė Rimkutė, DN12D, nominated for the Design Days creative work “Experiment”.
  • Laurita Potapova, DD12D, winner of the Lithuanian Builders’ Association competition (communication design).
  • Vytautė Milinskaitė, DN12D, winner of the international competition “Colourful bath for children”, organised by the Latvian company PAA.
  • Laima Viršilaitė and Paulina Čiarbaitė, DN12D, winners of the 2nd prize of the international competition “Colourful bath for children” organised by the Latvian company “PAA”.
  • Martyna Ratkaitė and Rimvilė Piščikaitė, DN12D, winners of the international competition “Colourful bath for children”, organised by the Latvian company “PAA”, 3rd place.
  • Viktor Jušev, DD11D, winner of the competition “Lithuanian Builders’ Association” (communication design).
  • Greta Stančiauskaitė, DY19D, winner of the “Silver Cranes” competition organised by the Lithuanian Film Academy, awarded with the “Silver Crane Egg” for the film “Užribis”, in the nomination “The Best Film of the Year by Lithuanian Students”.
  • Greta Stančiauskaitė, DY19D, winner of the official prize-diploma for the film “Užribis” at the International TV Festival “Auksinė Panda”.
  • Laurita Potapova DD12D, winner of the competition at the Asian Cinema Days Film Festival (communication design).
  • Diana Balionis and Elzbieta Račkovska, DN12D, winners of the competition “Interior design project “Student Zone””.

2012-2013 study year

  • Viktoras Businskis, DM13D, winner of the competition “Diena 19” (organised by Swedbank AB) in the nomination for the most creative video.
  • Živilė Markevičiūtė, DN11D, winner of the competition “Workplace of the Future” (project “Sakvojaž”).
  • Gediminas Kairys, DF10D, winner of the Audience Choice Award at the international film festival “Stop Frame” (film “Tin Soldier” (director M. Šatkus)).
  • Božena Gaidamovič, DY10D, 1st prize winner of the international film festival “Stop frame” (animated film “Girl with matches” (director V. Aškinis)).

2011-2012 study year

  • Vaida Žemaitytė, Dovilė Sprudzanaitė, DN10D, winners of the competition “Christmas interior” (organised by UAB “Klaipėdos baldų prekyba”).

2010-2011 study year

  • DF Interior Design students, the exposition of their works at the Republican Furniture Exhibition LITEXPO was awarded the 5th competition place and diploma (J. Malinauskas)
  • Tomas Lukšys, DF118D, winner of the Press Photographers Competition “Golden Frame”, in the theme “Culture” with the photograph “A young visitor to a modern art exhibition pushes time”.
  • Leonardas Gaidukevich, DD19D, 29 October – 3 November 2010 A poster on the theme “Endangered Species” was exhibited at the Tokyo Design Days 2010 in Japan. Selected from 2500 entries, it was shortlisted in the top 100 entries and was the only Lithuanian entry in the exhibition
  • Tadas Svilainis, DY18D, final thesis “Experimental 3D Film” received a lot of attention abroad: the author was offered to create a new fashion film in a New York design studio (director and commissioner: ), to create a music video for the Californian band Vital ( ), and received 4 offers from Random users to create a sound design for joint projects.
  • Lukas Lukoševičius and Donatas Veiverys, DY18D, final project “Presentation of an interactive clothes measuring booth” was appreciated by foreign users – a Dutch entrepreneur commissioned a prototype.
  • Eimantas Paškonis, DD18D, the typeface “Magnolija” is distributed on the Internet and has been purchased by over 500 users.

2009-2010 study year

  • Monika Daukšaitė, DF18D, 2009 m. September fotografija Nidos fotomenininkų seminaro konkurse „Fotografuota Nidoje“ atrinkta tarp 10 nugalėtojų, fotomenininkų sąjunga atspausdino kaip atviruką
  • Monika Daukšaitė, DF18D, Kuzminų išleistoje knygoje „Lietuvių fotografijos mokykla“ publikuota fotografija „Lietus“, eksponuota nacionaliniame jaunimo fotografijų konkurse „LFM“
  • Mykolas Treigys, DF18D, Nidos fotomenininkų sąjungos seminare vykusio konkurso „Fotografuota Nidoje“ laureatas
  • Edvard Volgin, DF18D, konkurse Kauno Fotomaratonas ’09 „12 kadrų“ laimėjo prizinę vietą; Kauno Fotomaratonas ’09 „36 kadrai“ eksponuotas ciklas „Savanoriai“
  • Edvard Volgin, DF18D, LFS Nidos foto seminaro konkurse „Fotografuota Nidoje“ laimėjo prizinę vietą
  • Aleksandr Petrovskij, DF18D, 51-ame kino mėgėjų sąjungos festivalyje gavo apdovanojimą už geriausią metų vaidybinį filmą.
  • Tomas Lukšys, DF18D, seminare „Stop kadras“ (2009-09-07/11) apdovanotas už geriausią seminaro metu sukurtą fotofilmą.
  • Tomas Lukšys, DF18D, fotografija publikuota konkurso „Jaunas žmogus XXI a.“ darbų rinkinyje;
  • Tomas Lukšys, DF18D, 4 fotografijos publikuotos 2009 m. September Kuzminų išleistoje knygoje „Lietuvių fotografijos mokykla“, VI skyriuje „Lietuvių fotografijos mokykla šiandien“
  • Vaidas Bradauskas, DF18, laimėjo 1 vietą Šiaurės Lietuvos kolegijos organizuotame konkurse „Studentiško gyvenimo akimirka“
  • Giedrius Bagaliūnas, DF18D, laimėjo 2 vietą Šiaurės Lietuvos kolegijos organizuotame konkurse „Studentiško gyvenimo akimirka“

2008-2009 study year

The following students have been recognised as the best final theses:
Graphic Design study programme (Graphic Design Department of 15 June 2009, Minutes of the meeting No.10):

  • Eglė Šablevičiūtė, for the most professional solution of the topic “Corporate style and outdoor advertising of the company “Stareka””;
  • Ona Driežytė, for the original packaging – “Sodžiaus” dairy packaging series”;
  • Agnė Kimėnaitė, for an original treatment of the national image – “National motifs in souvenirs”;
  • Ilona Sinilaitė, for her solution to a topical issue – “Elements of advertising in ecological packaging”;
  • Dovilė Krampaitė, for the best defence – the topic “Corporate style and graphics of interior elements of the company “Lipdė””;
  • Arūnas Veversevičius, for the most original defence – the topic “Corporate style of the dance club “4 elements””;
  • Jelena Gasperovič, for the originality of the design of the calendar on the topic “Three-dimensional calendar”;
  • Zita Pluščiauskaitė, for the promotion of national culture – the topic “Poster series “Lithuanian Antiquity”.
    study programme Interior Design (Minutes of the meeting of the Department of Interior Design of 11 June 2009, No.8):
  • Viktorija Košel, for the best spatial-planning solution – the theme “Interior of the office of the institution”;
  • Daina Jauneikaitė, for the best conceptual solution – “Interior of the Animal Care Centre”;
  • Renata Kirklytė, for the most subtle work on the theme “Interior of the educational photo-filming studio”;
  • Agnė Motiekaitytė, for her excellent use of graphic elements in the interior – “Interior of the Advertising and Design Studio”;
  • Akvilė Myško, for the best quality layout in the theme “Fashion House Interior”;
  • Lina Ribkaitė, for the most expressive layout – “Interior of a shoe shop”;
  • Valerija Valikonienė, for the best conceptual, spatial and planning solution – the theme “Interior of the cinema halls”;
  • Anastazija Guida, for the best presentation of the final thesis – the theme “Interior of a design office”;
  • Julija Maksimova and Kristina Bondar, for the best presentation of the graphic part of the project – the theme “The interior of an ecological spa centre”.

Interactive Design study programme (Minutes of the meeting of the Department of Interactive Design of 15 June 2009, No.7 ):

  • Giedrius Budrys, for the varied quality, style and voice-over performance on the theme “Apolo 87 web game”;
  • Algina Jučytė, for interactive presentation of information and educational mission – “DVD “Lithuanian Manors”;
  • Justina Švambarytė, for the integrity of the embodiment of an artistic idea – the theme “Animation film “Always Near”.

The following students were awarded the prize for the best photography technology in the study programme Photography Technology (Minutes of the meeting of the Department of Photography Technology, 11 June 2009, No.10):

  • Vita Žėkaitė, for the continuation of the classical tradition of photography – the topic “The inner world of a young person in a psychological portrait”;
  • Artūras Voicechas Tomialoic, for his excellent work as a cinematographer in the creation of a music video, on the theme “Cinematographic interpretation of a musical work”;
  • Loreta Keršytė, for her mood conveyance and her excellent mastery of light – on the topic “Elements of Direction in Portraiture”;
  • Gintaras Drumsta, for his professional camerawork on the topic “Filming a reportage for a news programme”.