Prof. Dr. Gökhan Arslan from Istanbul Aydin University visited the Faculty of Civil Engineering

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Every year, lecturers from abroad are invited to teach in Lithuanian higher education institutions to strengthen the international competitiveness and attractiveness of Lithuanian higher education.

8-19 April 2024 Prof. Dr. Gökhan Arslan from Aydin University in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey, visited the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the College;

During the visit, the researcher gave a 40-hour lecture series on “Emerging Technologies in Construction” and presented topics such as “Virtual Reality in Construction”, “Virtual Construction Site”, “Augmented Reality in Construction”, “Robotics in Construction”, “Quality Control of Construction Projects Using Point Clouds and Augmented Reality Technology Applications”, “Accident Prevention System in Construction Projects: Preventing Blind Spots in Construction Sites”, “Using Animation Module in Health and Safety Trainings in Construction to Prevent Accidents”, and more. The lectures also included a number of videos, as well as sharing knowledge, insights, best practices and practical examples with full-time and part-time students from the Construction, Building Engineering Systems and Smart Building Engineering study programmes. All this knowledge and practical examples will later be useful for students preparing practical work and projects in building maintenance, building structures, construction organisation and other subjects.

During his stay at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Prof. Dr. G. Arslan also met and discussed various issues with the faculty’s lecturers, researchers and administrative staff. They discussed the possibilities of project cooperation and signed an Erasmus+ agreement between the College and Istanbul Aydin University.